Matthew King

I am a software engineer with more than a decade of professional experience and a proven track record. I have spent much of my career as a consultant and contractor, working with a group of companies across the mining industry and the vehicle safety / logistics field.

I have worked both as a solo contributor and as a member of a team - building web services, web UIs, desktop applications, databases, infrastructure, tooling, and open source libraries. As a team leader, I have provided training and mentorship of junior programmers. Throughout my career, I have been an active participant in architectural design, product strategy, and hiring decisions. While much of my time has been as an on-site team member, I’ve been working remote for the past few years, and have successfully delivered several projects as a full-time remote worker.

I am passionate about C# and .NET, with many open source projects at and a technical blog at

Technical skills

I specialise in: C#, .NET, .NET Core, ASP.NET Core, SignalR, SQL Server, SQLite, WinForms, PowerShell, Azure, Git

I’ve also worked with: Java, JavaScript, TypeScript, Vue, HTML, CSS, PostgreSQL, MySQL, MongoDB, AWS, Mercurial


University of Western Australia
Bachelor of Engineering (Software Engineering) with Honours

Professional experience

2015 - 2022 | Senior Software Engineer @ The Nimble Tech Co
  • Built and maintained several business-critical desktop applications that form the core of NTC’s product suite.
  • Led a team that built a fleet management/tracking/analytics system that ingests hundreds of thousands of data points from IoT devices and provides business insights to fleet managers via a web portal.
  • Built a web portal to add SaaS features to NTC’s suite of data management tools.
  • Built several bespoke applications (web UI, web API, desktop app, IoT integration) for clients.
  • Developed internal tools, scripts, infrastructure, and workflows to increase staff productivity.

2009 - 2015 | Software Engineer @ Expedio
  • Designed and implemented a suite of data management tools, allowing Expedio to break their reliance on third-party solutions. This suite of tools eventually became a saleable product that Expedio built their consulting business around.
  • Took over the OCRIS Mobile v3 project which was behind schedule and projected to remain undelivered for 18-24 months. Delivered it successfully within 6 months.
  • Developed internal tools, scripts, infrastructure, and workflows to increase the productivity of the geological consultants, allowing Expedio to handle more billable client work with fewer staff members.

2008 - 2009 | Freelance Software Developer
  • Designed and implemented a photo management, geotagging, and mapping application for a hardware vendor to bundle with their digital cameras.
  • Ported a desktop application to Windows Mobile.

2006 - 2007 | Junior Software Developer @ St Arnaud Data Management
  • Created several internal tools to increase employee productivity (some of which are still in use in 2020).
  • Built a number of features for the flagship data capture software.

Career highlights

  • Co-inventor of patent AU2012101663 relating to the innovative work I was doing in the field of vehicle motion detection.
  • Saved a customer hundreds of thousands of dollars by preventing a situation where they would have had to take their entire vehicle fleet off the road. This was accomplished by some clever reverse engineering of some third-party software - and led to my employer winning a large contract.
  • The Blank-it project - on which I was the lead engineer - won the innovation category of the Australian Road Safety Awards.
  • Answered a StackOverflow question posed by the world-famous Jon Skeet - an achievement that fewer than 50 programmers in the world can lay claim to.

A printable PDF version of my resume is available for download
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